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Our Process

A distinction of Flodder Financial Group is our dedication to effective, straightforward communication and creative problem solving in addition to spending time with clients building long-term relationships. Every family is different, we strive to understand your unique needs and aspirations as we work together to help you achieve your goals not just for the short term, but over a lifetime.

It’s our vision to work alongside you as a trusted professional as you plan for your financial success. Life does not always go as expected and our needs can change. We will be by your side for those moments and help adjust back to the path to your financial destination. The flexibility to respond quickly as personal circumstances or market conditions change is critical, and we will be there to help you navigate these situations.

Getting to Know You

You come to the table with an understanding of your hopes, dreams, fears and uncertainties. We come to the table with many years of planning experience, strong financial credentials and a wide range of possible strategies. Our goal is to understand how you got here, where you are headed and to ensure that you know which strategies make sense to help you move forward in achieving your financial goals.

Our planning begins with 6 questions, covering the following topics:

  • Retirement Goals and Savings
  • Cash Flow
  • Wealth Preservation / Estate Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Accumulating for the Future
  • Tax Strategies

These questions have been crafted over many years to enable us to look at the breadth of your financial situation. We can identify your strengths and your gaps, if any, and then help you utilize your strengths to fill your gaps.

Building A Plan

We carefully analyze our discussions to assemble a financial strategy for you, resulting in a recommendation letter and financial analysis. We define a basic framework and strategy for the rest of your life. Then focus on specific areas of strength or concern with recommended next steps. Finally, we summarize specific recommendations designed to “Help You Live a Wealthy Life.”

Implementing Your Plan

Once the path is defined, we work with you to methodically implement the plan. Opening accounts, transferring assets, obtaining insurances, and implementing estate plans while carefully considering tax strategies forms the foundation of our relationship.

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