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Our Investment Philosophy

All investing is for a purpose. You may want to save for college for your children, put an extra room on your house, buy a lake house, or have a great retirement. The time frames associated with each of these objectives as well as the number of payments needed help determine the level of risk you could be willing to take. Do you need a single lump sum or a steady stream of income that has the potential to grow with inflation? Once we have defined the goal, we can define the strategy.

First, we define an appropriate level of risk given your goals, assets, personal history, and thoughts on investments. Achieving your goals is important, but so is comfort with the process and sleeping soundly at night.

Second, is a focus on Asset Allocation—strategically positioning your investments across different asset classes to help manage risk and enhance returns. A wide world of potential investments exists, from domestic companies to emerging markets, with larger established companies and smaller companies with exciting prospects. Adding in bonds and commodities creates a diverse world of investments with unique characteristics. Often events will affect investments differently with some benefiting as other fall or simply not impacted at all. By carefully considering your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and our economic outlook, we seek to build a diverse and supportive portfolio.

Finally, markets move up and down over time. We do not just passively ride the wave. Instead, rebalancing the portfolio on a routine basis can result in capturing gains from winners and investing in other areas of the portfolio, potentially poised for a rebound. We also update our Asset Allocation as our economic views shift*.

*Rebalancing and diversification do not guarantee a profit or protection against loss.

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