Existing Clients

How to view your account online and go paperless:

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and help you work toward achieving your goals. The accounts we have opened are an important step in that process. Below you will find instructions to access your account information online and elect electronic delivery of notices, should you choose. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions on this or another topic.

  • Register for online access
    • Go to webpage: equitable.com
    • Click the “Sign in” link in the top right corner
    • Click the “Register Now” link
    • Select “Individual” and then “Life or Investments”
    • Enter your email, social security number, and date of birth
    • You will then create a username and password to access the site and view your accounts
    • You may be prompted to create security questions that will help reset forgotten passwords

  • Electronic Delivery of Notices (Paperless delivery), if desired
    • Log in to equitable.com with the username and password you created above
    • Set investment accounts to paperless
      • Click the “Accounts” link in the top left
      • In the dropdown options choose a SAM II or Brokerage Account
      • Click the “Statements” tab
      • Click the “Paperless Settings” link
      • Select “Go 100% Green”
      • Or select the accounts individually you would like to set up for paperless delivery
      • Scroll to bottom of page and save
      • Confirm all changes in Orange Text and mark the “I agree” box at the bottom and save

    • Set brokerage account literature (reports, prospectuses, etc.) to paperless
      • Go to www.icsdelivery.com/lpl
      • Enter the requested information (steps 1-8) in the “All Steps Are Required” box on the upper right
      • Click “Submit” on step 9
      • A confirmation screen will appear to confirm your election
      • A notice will be mailed to you including a confirmation code
      • Follow the directions on this notice to complete the process

    • These changes should be in effect within 1-2 mailing cycles

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How to Refer a Friend or Co-worker to Flodder Financial Group

In an uncertain world it is tough to walk alone. Many people find us through the referral of a friend, loved one or co-worker. As you know someone who would benefit from our services we are ready to help.

It can be difficult for someone to reach out and ask for advice, if you know someone who would like an introduction, it is often easiest to send an e-mail to them and cc our firm at Contactus@FlodderFinancial.com. We will send an introduction and be ready to help.