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Fourty-seven percent of American workers have saved less than $25,000 for retirement, and 24% have saved less than $1,000.1
Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2017

Will you outlive your retirement income? Are your financial expectations for the coming year realistic?

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HOT TOPIC: How Geopolitical Tensions May Affect Oil Prices and the Economy
Explore the relationship between fuel prices and economic growth, factors that influence prices, and how U.S. production altered the global oil market.

Caught in the Middle: The Sandwich Generation
Tips to help balance the competing demands of saving for retirement and providing financial support to adult children and aging parents.

Consider REITs for Income and Diversification
Explore the basics of equity real estate investment trusts (REITs) including their potential benefits and risks.

Life Insurance with Long-Term Care Benefits
Concerned about the costs of long-term care? Discover two strategies that combine life insurance coverage with LTC benefits.

Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs)
Worried your retirement might outlast your savings? A qualified longevity annuity contract could provide an income stream later in life.

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Credit
Learn about four financing options that might help small businesses expand, pursue new opportunities, or cover operating expenses.


HOT TOPIC: All Eyes on the U.S. Economy as It Caps Off Decade of Growth
This article compares the current economic expansion with prior business cycles and examines developments that could affect future growth.

Seeking Balance in a Mutual Fund
Balancing stocks and bonds can be a central part of building an investment portfolio. Find out how balanced funds follow a similar strategy.

What’s the Real Return on Your Investments?
Tax rates, interest rates, and inflation can all cut into the value of investment dollars. This article looks at real return on investments.

Indexed Annuities: Growth Potential with Downside Protection
Discover how indexed annuities work, including the risks and potential benefits of purchasing an indexed annuity contract.

New Study Finds Widespread Job Loss After 50
A job loss after age 50 can carry serious consequences. These tips may help you prepare professionally and financially for a late-career challenge.

Calculating Key Financial Ratios
The financial ratios that help measure an organization’s performance may also be used by potential lenders and investors. Learn more.


HOT TOPIC: U.S.-China Trade War: Who Pays the Price?
A look at the issues behind the trade war with China, as well as who will carry the costs of the tariffs and the potential effect on the U.S. economy.

A Steady Strategy in Turbulent Times
Dollar-cost averaging can help investors focus on building their portfolios through regular investing rather than reacting to market swings.

College Savings: Roth or 529 Plan?
Can a Roth IRA double as a college savings tool? Find out how a Roth IRA compares with state-based 529 college savings plans.

Avoiding Probate with a Transfer-on-Death Deed
Many U.S. states offer a way to avoid probate when leaving the family home to your heirs. Learn more about transfer-on-death deeds.

Interest Rates and the Economy
Do you know which factors influence bond yields and why the gap between short- and long-term yields is often viewed as an economic indicator?

Steps to Executing an Exit Strategy
Monetizing a closely held business can be a difficult process, so owners may want to plan an exit strategy before they really need one.


HOT TOPIC: 1040 Postmortem: Making Sense of Your Taxes and Withholding
Surprised by the final numbers on your 2018 tax return? Here are some tips for adjusting withholding to help avoid surprises next tax season.

Bonds Can Offer Stability Even with Rising Rates
Explore three major categories of bonds, plus ideas for navigating the bond market amid climbing interest rates.

SRI Investing: Not Just for Stocks
Find out how individual impact bonds may allow investors to preserve principal and generate income while supporting activities that are important to them.

Be Aware of Observation Care
Covered by Medicare? Discover how observation status can impact your out-of-pocket costs and eligibility for post-hospital skilled nursing facility coverage.

Retirement Planning: How Secure Is Social Security?
View Social Security’s financial outlook, plus seven proposed fixes for a looming shortfall that may affect future benefits.

Watch Out for Scams That Target Businesses
Financial scams aimed at businesses are on the rise. See which potentially costly schemes owners and employees need to look out for.


HOT TOPIC: The Fed Hits the Brakes: No Rate Hikes Projected in 2019
The Fed signaled a pause in raising interest rates. How markets reacted and what the change says about the direction of the U.S. economy.

Do You Need a Power of Attorney?
Explore three types of powers of attorney and find out how a living will can supplement a durable POA for health care.

Why Americans Are Eating Out Less Than Ever
Dining out is on the decline. Discover why Americans prepared about 82% of their meals and snacks at home in 2018.

Trusts Offer More Than Estate Tax Protection
Find out whether a testamentary trust, living trust, or special-purpose trust can benefit your family.

Considering Preferreds? Proceed with Caution
Considering investing in preferred stocks? This overview examines the risks and potential benefits.

Clarifying Tax Deductions for Meals and Entertainment
Wondering if you can still write off 50% of the cost of business meals? Find out what is and isn’t deductible.


HOT TOPIC: Keeping an Eye on Corporate Debt
This article looks at credit quality in the corporate bond market and the potential impact on fixed-income portfolios.

Taking a Team Approach to Retirement Savings
Even if you and your spouse have separate retirement accounts, you may still be able to craft a unified savings and investment strategy.

IPOs: Consider the Risks Behind the Hype
Discover why it might be worth waiting for a record of financial results before investing in an initial public offering.

Bridging the Gap Between Retirement and Medicare Eligibility
See three options that may help you bridge the health insurance coverage gap between retirement and Medicare eligibility.

Estate Taxes: Should a Trust Own Your Life Insurance?
An irrevocable life insurance trust can help pay estate taxes, but recent exemption level increases may warrant a new insurance strategy.

Succession Plans Often Hinge on Reliable Valuation
Discover the role a reliable business valuation can play in succession, tax, and retirement planning.

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